I‘m thrilled to welcome you to my wonderful new website beautifully created by the talented Melissa Love of The Design Space.

A few months ago after returning to my previous job after over 12 months of maternity leave, I felt that the right time had come for me to take a leap of faith and follow my dreams. Inspired by stories of those I knew or admired and their journey through career change I decided that I was going to take control of my destiny and follow suit.

Mentored and supported by the fantastic award winning Aspire Photography Training, I have embarked on making my new career happen. In order to share my hard work and passion I have created this beautiful website to showcase my portfolio and what it is that I offer my clients. This website represents who I am personally and professionally through a unique brand design and colour palette with one of the most important elements being the rose buds.

My late Nan who passed away 3 years ago, always believed in me, my talents as a photographer and she told me that she wanted me to pursue my dreams.¬†One of the last gifts she gave me had a small card on it with a beautiful rose and signed simply ‘Love Nan’. This is at the heart of all that I do, and this website is dedicated to her.

The contributors who helped me make this happen;






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