How to use Pinterest for Inspired Wedding Planning

Congratulations on getting engaged! Your feet may well still be walking a few inches off the ground as you glide into 2015 armed with a glistening organiser and yellow highlighter. Your Christmas cards have long been thrown away to make room for a heavy load of bridal magazines that add a pretty dash of spring pastel to your now bare, forlorn Christmassy living room.

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You are about to become an expert in all things wedding, specialising in event planning and may at some point have to do a tad of budgeting (lets just draw a line under the epic fail that was your festivity budget control), this is a new year after all and a new you!


My advice is right from day one consider the budget for the planning by resisting the urge to buy every bride and wedding magazine you can find and start the planning at no cost whatsoever – with Pinterest. Sign up and start pinning – it’s that easy but be warned it is very addictive. I can find myself after 2 hours of pinning to emerge cloudy eyed and my mind over stimulated by frocks, lighting effects, colours, photographers, craft projects and art. I use Pinterest with all my clients, to give me ideas about props and themes for family shoots and for posing and lighting ideas. For me as a photographer this is inspiration at my finger tips and a great mechanism to add creativity to my shoots.

At the end of the post are three boards that I have created in 10 minutes so you can get an idea of how it can work for you. It really is so quick and an essential tool for wedding planning and even if you are busy, a few minutes and you will have plenty of inspiration.  You may become a binge pinner or casual pin-on-the-go pinner, either way here is my new pinner guide.

1) Download the free app onto your smart phone and you can also set your home page on your computer to the Pinterest home screen which is constantly updated with newly uploaded images and popular pins. Filter the categories so you only see what is of particular interest and clicking on images will take you to a specific article within a website or blog. Go to your own account to start creating your own board.

2) Create a board for each category. If you create one board, lets say “My wonderfully amazing best ever wedding day” and add all sorts, you will regret it later on when it is time to actually make some decisions. Treat your Pinterest like a department store and keep organised by creating a few boards to start you off such as Venue, Cake, Dress, Bridesmaids, Flowers, Theme, Stationary and Photography for example.

3) Resist the urge to share all your boards with your friends as soon as they are created (unless your friend is a wedding planner). Get used to searching and pinning and once you start to notice a common theme and your style begins to emerge then it is a good time to share the board with your bridesmaids and family – you may also share with your spouse to be if they are still completely unaware of your new social networking obsession. Whoever you share your board with can share your planning process and see your ideas add to and make comments.

4) Change the description. So you pin a picture of a living room design because you like the shade of green in the small glass vase in the background. That’s great but if you don’t make a note to remind yourself that you haven’t had a pin-typo or gone style crazy and now want to rebrand your entire home, then your pin will get deleted and your inspiration gone forever.

5) Start by pinning without over thinking. This is the fun bit. You don’t need to worry about your budget, your location and whether or not you live within 2 hours of the seaside – if you like the look of a beach wedding, pin it. Just go with your first reaction and pin with your instinct. Pinterest is simply a digital scrapbook and you are finding your unique style. You may not be able to recreate exactly what you see but if you feel inspired by it then pin it. Later on you can delete pins and start to bring your ideas together.

6) You don’t need to find images on Pinterest. Many websites will have an option to pin an image or article. So if you already have a photographer in mind, some will have the option of pinning some of their photos from previous weddings and their blogs. All my images on my website can be pinned. Just look for Pinterest logo when you hover over an image in the gallery.

7) Delete things you don’t like. You will thank yourself later on for being so decisive in the beginning. Your boards will soon become full of ideas and you may find you have no real theme emerging. From time to time look back through previous pins and if you have changed your mind then delete! Screenshot 2015-01-05 15.11.38

8) Use Pinterest for other things. I like to search for creative activities to do with my children. I also find recipes, room decorating ideas, landscapes and holiday inspiration on Pinterest and often I just enter what ever pops into my mind.

So a few tips to get started and the best thing is that you can get lots of ideas in a very short space of time. So whether you have a month or 2 years to plan your wonderfully amazing best day ever, Pinterest will be a great tool for you. As an example and help start you off I gave myself 10 minutes for each board below – Click to see more on the board and to follow me on Pinterest:  Screenshot 2015-01-05 15.45.23

Screenshot 2015-01-05 15.48.19

Screenshot 2015-01-05 15.49.51


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