Don’t fancy a wedding cake?


My daughter does not like cake, but every year for her birthday she has one because she wants to blow the candles out. This year I have decided to have a basic plain iced cake and then 5 novelty candles on top – because its the candles not the cake that is important to her.

When it comes to having a wedding cake, if you don’t want a lavish cake then don’t have one.  The modern cutting of a cake symbolises the first task that a married couple share together, so if you do still want a nod to the tradition here are some alternative ideas;


Cutting the Cheese

I am not actually referring to a stack or New York cheesecakes, though just as much of a yummy alternative, no what I am meaning is the cutting of a tower of cheeses! I recently photographed a wedding where the bride & groom opted for a cheese cake and fruit and there are companies that create towers of cheeses specifically for weddings. Check out for ideas.



Nailing the Case of Wine

A unique idea that came from a wedding I photographed in London was to replace the cutting of anything to nailing a case of wine. The idea is that the 6 bottles of red wine, all carefully chosen, would be opened to mark a significant anniversary. I think this is a really sentimental and delicious alternative to cutting the cake.

I bought my daughter on her 1st birthday a personalised bottle of wine in an engraved case for her to open on her 18th. The white wine I chose changes colour over the 18 years signifying the growth and maturity. I purchased this from Berry Bros & Rudd ( a supplier of cases of fine wines and even cellar storage if you think you might be tempted to open a bottle a little early…



Guest ‘bake off’

Rather than having one cake, a popular option has been to ask guests to bring cakes which is a fantastic way to get family and friends involved in the wedding. How about hosting a cake baking competition and the winner to be announced and their cake selected for the traditional cake cutting ceremony.



Wedding cake pinata, glow in the dark candy floss, burger towers – if you’re looking for something outside of the box here is a pin board for some inspiration

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