Something About Laura

 Member of The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers and received professional, creative and business training from the award winning Aspire Photography Training.



I‘m Laura and my love for photography is what I want to share with you. I have a passion for making the experience of being photographed uplifting, relaxed and fun, whilst at the same time making sure it’s your story that shines through the final images.

I have two daughters aged 4 and 2 and they are both my muse and inspiration to
capture personalities as well as moments of storytelling. Their organic creativity and sweet love for each other is what makes me aspire to produce beautiful timeless portraiture.

It is my belief that for a photograph to evoke emotion and capture the true depth of the moment it needs to become something physical and real. To touch and hold a photograph of a loved one is to hold that person close to your heart, to frame that photograph is to be surrounded always by them and to showcase your story in an album is to create an heirloom that can be passed on through the generations. It is amazing to me that life’s most breathtaking moments can be relived forever – perhaps I am a little over-sentimental, but I believe in the importance of print, especially with the speed in which technology is changing.



“To touch and hold a photograph of a loved one is to hold that person close to your heart”


My style is classically simple with an artistic touch and I specialise in photographing people but I also shoot food and interiors for businesses. I love to use natural light to create an atmosphere and especially like the dreamy feel of sunsets and haze, so I like to plan portraits around the best available light for the time of year. I also specialise in talking so I’d love to chat about you and your family, wedding preparations, your news that you’re expecting or your food or business. Please explore my images and information page for details on how I shoot, to see my style and how to get in touch.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope to hear from you soon

Always with love,